Monday, 24 February 2020

The Shadows Between Us by Tricia Levenseller

As the younger daughter of a duke, Alessandra has been overlooked and ignored her whole life. Luckily, it's given her a skill in reading people that few others can match. Now she plans to use that skill to gain the ultimate power; the throne of her kingdom. All she has to do is not fall in love, and that will be easy.
I'll be honest; I'm not a big fan of medieval fiction. Medieval fantasy, on the other hand, is one of my favourite things, and this book delivers in spades. This books sits in a strange place in time where a castle wired for electricity still uses candles for ambiance, women are oppressed but gaining ground, and a semi immortal king is no big deal.

It's also a fantastic example of a fantasy book not needing to stretch out over more than one volume. Although there are a couple of loose ends left here, the main part of the story is finished. I'd read more if it was published...I think there are more stories to be told in this world...but I don't feel I'm missing anything very much.

It's strange to root for someone as ruthless as Alessandra, but I found I was. She is, after all, what her world has made of her. I'd have liked to have seen more of her sister; she facilitated a couple of minor plots, but entirely offscreen, and I think she could have been an interesting character.

Also, although I know almost nothing about fashion, I very much enjoyed all the descriptions of her fabulous dresses.

This is a great read I really enjoyed, and I hope to enjoy more by Tricia in the future.

Alessandra is tired of being overlooked, but she has a plan to gain power:

1) Woo the Shadow King.
2) Marry him.
3) Kill him and take his kingdom for herself.

No one knows the extent of the freshly crowned Shadow King’s power. Some say he can command the shadows that swirl around him to do his bidding. Others say they speak to him, whispering the thoughts of his enemies. Regardless, Alessandra knows what she deserves, and she’s going to do everything within her power to get it.

But Alessandra’s not the only one trying to kill the king. As attempts on his life are made, she finds herself trying to keep him alive long enough for him to make her his queen—all while struggling not to lose her heart. After all, who better for a Shadow King than a cunning, villainous queen?


  1. I have *just* got this book and now I'm even more excited to read it!
    I have to admit, I've had Warrior of the Wild on my TBR for ages and not picked it up, it's another one with a pretty cover.
    Excellent review, i'm now even more excited to read The Shadows Between Us.
    Cora |

    1. Thank you! I'm always worried about my reviews, so I'm really pleased you liked it.