Thursday, 6 February 2020

Happy Book Birthday!

A bumper load of books published this week!

Our review for this title posts on Saturday!

We rated this extremely Marmite book as 'Will not read again' but we urge you to try it for yourself!

Look at this beautiful cover. We rated this as 'confused!' as we enjoyed the actual read, but thinking about it produced a couple of plot holes.

We were on the blog tour for this musical read. We rated it 'Will probably read again'.

We rated this LGBT/zombie read as 'will probably read again'!

One of the most eagerly anticipated books of the year, we rated this funny read as 'will read again'.

You've guessed it, this wonderful fantasy is rated as 'will probably read again'! What can I say? There were some excellent books this week!

All three of us agreed that this title is definitely worth reading again.

We rated this as 'enjoyed but may not read again'.

We rated this as 'will probably read again!'

We rated this as 'enjoyed but may not read again.'

So many other fabulous books released today and over the last week! What's your favourite new release? What did we miss? Were we too harsh? Let us know in the comments!

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