About Me

I work in a bookshop in Ireland. While I adore my job and would never give it up, I do sometimes have to censor myself in reviews, so this blog is an attempt to be more honest in them. I mostly read and review children's and teens novels, with the occasional adults or non-fiction - or even adults non-fiction! - thrown in for variety.

Please remember that my opinions are just opinions. I'm happy for you to hold yours if you allow me to hold mine. Discussion is always welcome, as long as it's polite.

You can contact me at jendomlver@gmail.com

Two friends have joined me in this blog. B and BeeJay (Yes, I know, we're B, J and BeeJay, hahahahaha) will be adding their own reviews and features. You'll find that we sometimes read the same book, as our tastes overlap quite a bit, and if we double or triple we'll usually wait and review it altogether.

You can contact any of us on J's address if you're looking for a review or a tour. We love blog tours!

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