Friday, 28 February 2020

The Last Dog in the World by Adrian J Walker

Lineker's world has been tightly confined for the last few years, living with his master Reg and sticking tightly to a routine. He doesn't realise that the world has ended outside. Reg is happy in isolation and has never gone looking for other people. But eventually they come looking for him...

I've read Adrian's other books, the End of the World series, and very much enjoyed them. This is a slightly different beast. Because half the narration is coming from Lineker, who while very smart is still a dog and doesn't quite get what's happening, we never get the full backstory. I'm very confused, for example, about how Reg and Lineker managed to live in the city for three years after the exodus without realising that there was a literal war going on between two badly described side. I think one side was the actual Army and the other some kind of home grown Fascist group, but I'm really not sure. I'm also not sure why no other country sent help. There's a mention of bombs early on, with no explanation of who dropped them or why, but maybe there was some kind of world war going on?

As a story it's very good; engaging, good characters, and I may have cried at a certain point near the end even though I'm really a cat person. I just wish things had been better explained. But then, maybe I missed something...I have been known to do that!

A great read, all in all, and I highly recommend it.

I think I slightly prefer the UK cover, but they're both very good!

UK Cover                                             US Cover

Every dog has its day…

And for Lineker, a happy go lucky mongrel from Peckham, the day the world ends is his: finally a chance to prove to his owner just how loyal he can be.

Reg, an agoraphobic writer with an obsession for nineties football, plans to wait out the impending doom in his second floor flat, hiding himself away from the riots outside.

But when an abandoned orphan shows up in the stairwell of their building, Reg and Lineker must brave the outside in order to save not only the child, but themselves…

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