Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Fire Boy by JM Joseph

Aidan is a perfectly normal boy with perfectly normal friends and a perfectly horrible granny, until he receives a strange parcel from Peru. Inside are perfectly normal sweets...aren't they?

The sweets alter the genetic code and soon Aidan and his friends are wrestling with new powers. They have to learn to control them quickly, decide how to use them, keep them secret from anyone who might try to misuse them...and at the same time, Aidan is worrying about his friends in the local circus and why a soldier who served with his dead father is so concerned about the sweets?

This is a great read. The humour is perfect...I love the Lists In No Particular Order...and the characters are fantastic. My copy didn't have all the art, but I can tell that they'll be amazing when they're finished. There's a small amount of seriousness in the storyline about Aidan's father, but mostly this is just a really fun romp that kids are really going to enjoy. Brilliant.

Fire Boy is a laugh-out-loud story about friendship, unexpected superpowers, magical sweets, Inca legends and a cat named Lemon - perfect for fans of My Brother is A Superhero and The Parent Agency. When 11-year-old Aidan receives a mysterious package of sweets from South America in the post, he and his two best friends Sadie and Hussein eat one sweet each - and suddenly develop amazing superpowers. Sadie can move objects with her mind. Hussein can control any electronic device. And Aidan can ignite his body at will...though he can't always control the resulting flames. When they discover that the sweets were sent by a dangerous criminal who is trying to hunt them down to get them back, they have to use all their new powers to outwit him ... before everything goes up in a fiery blaze. But can three ordinary kids keep their powers a secret? Will Aidan learn to control his fiery capabilities? Or will the ultimate bad guy spoil the whole adventure?

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