Friday, 7 February 2020

Bookpost! Week ending 9 Feb '20

Quieter again this week. Click on the covers to be taken to a webpage; it's mostly Goodreads, but two are their own publisher's pages instead as they're not on Goodreads yet.

In physical books, we received this beautiful children's hardback and a fascinating looking preteen novel.

Image result for a clock of stars francesca gibbons

Chelsea High

We also received samplers for Once We Were Witches, a new MG series, and a sampler with a selection of new stories from Egmont.

In ebooks we're firmly in YA territory, with a favourite author among the offerings.

The Silence of Bones

Our combined TBR is now at 76 titles, with an outlying title on 1 October but otherwise stretching until 7 July!

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