Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Last Lesson by James Goodhand

Ollie's had a rough year. His schoolmates are determined to make it worse. But he has a plan to teach them a lesson. They won't mess with him again.

Slight Change

Hi all. Things are crazy at the moment; we're variously working from home, self isolating or work has closed down. Although we plan to keep posting reviews, we're going to skip #Bookpost - as we're not receiving physical books now anyway - and possibly #BookBirthday, unsure as yet.

We still want to talk about brilliant books and fantastic reads, so keep tuning in! We'll have a massive #Bookpost session when this is all over.

Stay strong, everyone.

Monday, 16 March 2020

Teen Writer's Guide by Jennifer Jenkins

A well written, easy to follow how to for budding authors.

The Burning by Laura Bates

Anna and her mother have fled the rumours circulating her school, gone to the other end of the country. She dares to think she can start a new life here. But nothing is ever forgotten, and the people she left behind are determined to remind her she is never free of them.

Sunday, 15 March 2020